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My first mission is to help you enjoy learning Japan's culture and language! My classes are non-rigid and relaxed so that you're in the optimal state of mind for learning. Having me as your tutor, you'll never get intimidated to ask questions or make mistakes again.

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Easy Explanation 

I believe the easiest and most logical way of understanding Japanese is through grammar. Don't worry! After one lesson, all my students have become a grammarian like me! Because it's so good when it makes sense - no more guessing needed.

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Everyone has their own method when it comes to language learning. With my experience in adapting to various learning difficulties, such as ADHD, autism and dyslexia, I will use a personalised teaching method that is the most effective to you.

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Language learning is a long journey! It can also get frustrating when your hard work is not reflected straightaway. In my lessons, we'll focus on a specific topic that you feel accomplished at the end of every lesson and your progress is tangible.


I read out loud phrases slowly and clearly. This will allow you to learn to recognise individual Japanese words instead of a foreign stream of sound. You'll learn a wide variety of registers, including idiomatic, colloquial and polite registers.


'Repeat after me' is one of my most said phrases. Let's get the pronunciation and intonation right through speaking exercises with me. The more you practise, the easier it gets!


Isn't it so much easier to learn new vocabulary from an interesting book than from cramming words that may come up in an exam? With me, I create personally customised reading exercises according to your interests to make you remember more!


Writing is a fundamental exercise in which you get the chance to practise new words and structures without any rush. From diary entries to writing sections of Japanese exams, I'll provide plenty of opportunities to produce written pieces in Japanese.  

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