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My Background

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When seeking out a tutor, it is essential that you pick one who has remarkable academic performance. Take a look at my credentials which demonstrate the origin of my love for language, as well as where my passion for tutoring Japanese lessons comes from.


London School of Economics and

Political Science (LSE)

London, UK

MSc in Media, Communications and Development

Gained knowledge of fundamental theories in the field of media, communication and development. With a particular emphasis on the relationship between the Global North and the Global South, I enriched my understanding of how media can facilitate (or impede) the process of development in humanitarianism.


University College London (UCL)

London, UK

BA in French and Spanish with a year abroad


Pontifical Catholic University

Santiago, Chile (Term 1) &

Sorbonne University,

Paris, France (Term 2)

Enriched an understanding and passion for Francophone and Hispanic cultures by employing comparative and intercultural approaches to the humanities. Dedicated the final year to critically analyse the cinematic representation of indigenous population in Latin America by white cinematographers. 

Year abroad 

Honed communication and adaptive skills whilst becoming fluent in French and Spanish. Expanded network and enhanced resilience in completely new environments.


Lancing College, West Sussex, UK

A-Levels & GCSEs

  • A-Levels: A* A* A A in Mathematics, Japanese, French and Spanish with AS Medieval History.

  • GCSEs: 9 A*s and 3 As including Mathematics and English.

Up till 2013

Tokyo, Japan

Primary School Education

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